Understanding Kid’s Quest Check-in, part 3

Some of you have had to wait a very long time for me to get around to posting part 3 to this blog topic!  It has been a roller coaster year for us in Kid’s Quest with the Loudoun Campus launching in the beginning of the year and then a major staffing re-org in the early summer.  I decided to take the blog down temporarily and focus on just providing quick blurbs on the Family News Flash page so our staff and volunteers had a chance to catch our breaths.  But the time has come for me to pick this topic back up.

Were you in attendance this past Sunday, October 19, 2008?  The lines for check-in were longer than we’ve ever experienced — even when we were first starting out — and ran late into the service time.  I wanted to return to the topic of check-in to encourage you that the delay was not due to our Greeters or the MBC IT infrastructure.  The company that created and manages our check-in system, Fellowship One, had a data server failure that impacted all it’s customers across the country.  This resulted in very long pauses with every click on the computer.  We are so thankful to our Greeters for handling this difficulty with grace and thankful to all you parents out there for enduring the inconvenience.  If you were a first time visitor, we hope you were not too frustrated to return again.  Fellowship One promises the issue is fixed and everything will be fine for this upcoming weekend.

Greeters truly do make check-in work well and efficiently.  Things were slow when we first switched over to this new system.  We had very few Greeters and everyone was learning something new.  But in the last year our expert team of Greeters can now clear even the most intimidating-looking line fairly quickly.   Sometimes the lines do look long but don’t worry — this is usually right before check-in opens because some of you like to be ready as soon as check-in opens!  Once our Greeters get started, the line gets moving.

It’s amazing from my vantage point to see the way the Greeting Team has evolved over the past year.  It went from being one of our toughest volunteer positions to recruit for to a vibrant and thriving community of volunteers who are enjoying their part in making an impact on Washington.  I encourage you, parents, to take the time to say hello to the smiling faces that welcome you each weekend.  Imagine what our check-in lines would look like if we didn’t have our Greeters?  Actually, after last weekend, I don’t want to imagine that!  I’m just thankful they’re here to check my family in each week.