Easter Praises

Hello KQ Parents!

Following Easter weekend we received reports back from our staff, volunteers, and parents that roughly 50 children, across preschool and elementary, responded to the Gospel message in a meaningful way after participating in Kid’s Quest on Easter. A dozen specifically indicated that they just prayed to receive Christ that weekend and many who already had a relationship with Christ, expressed a commitment and desire for their faith to grow deeper.

I wanted to share with you some of the amazing testimonies of how God worked in the hearts of our kids this past Easter. It was a wonderful and emotional experience to witness and truly unforgettable.

  • Easter Sunday, three 3rd Grade boys from the same class all wanted to ask Jesus into their hearts. Our Sunday 2nd -3rd Grade Small Group Coordinator, Sandy Peterson, had the privilege of praying with two of them along with their parents. The other boy almost couldn’t wait because he was so excited that when his mom picked him up, they rushed to get Dad, too, so they could pray together.
  • A Sunday 2nd-3rd Grade Small Group Leader shared that she was so happy because a girl in her class had prayed and asked Jesus into her heart! The leader was overjoyed and said it was her best day at Kids Quest.
  • Several kids who had already accepted Christ before had candid discussions with their Small Group Leaders on what it meant to have Christ in their lives and how they could share the gift of salvation with their family and friends.
  • On Saturday night, there were roughly 15 kids who responded to the Gospel message or accepted Christ into their hearts!
  • From our Kid’s Quest Director, Betsy Riggan: “I hope you are all walking around with glad hearts today as I am! I am so very glad for God’s gracious provision and presence with us over this past Easter week. God brought so many volunteers ready and willing to serve the kids. We were able to keep all our classes open and that meant so many things…parents of little ones could worship and be encouraged and challenged by Lon’s powerful message, our preschool kids could attend the Tree House and hear the resurrection story told to them by caring people, and elementary children could be challenged to respond to begin a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ…and the most beautiful thing is that many did just that!”

Parents, what a huge praise! I hope these stories have shown you how great the Lord’s love is and how our working together CAN have a huge impact on your child. I ask that you pray for these children so that their young hearts will continue to obey Him and His Word. Also please pray for the kids who felt a spark in their heart but have not yet made the decision to give their life to Jesus.

In Christ, Andrea


Do you, too, have a story to share of how Kid’s Quest helped impact your child’s faith? We’d love to hear it! Email romney.short@mcleanbible.org with your family’s story. Or, are you volunteer with a story to share of how serving in Kid’s Quest impacted your faith? We’d love to hear that, too. Email andrea.arispe@mcleanbible.org with your volunteer stories.