Take The Determination Challenge!

This month elementary kids are learning about the virtue of Determination: deciding it’s worth it to finish what you’ve started. Our memory verse for the month is Hebrews 12:1b: Let us run with perserverance the race marked out for us (NIV).

We in Kid’s Quest believe that one thing that’s worth starting and finishing is intentional family discussions about what your kids are learning in Kid’s Quest and how they can put what they’ve learned into action. By partnering together, our combined influences can have a stronger spiritual impact on your child’s growing faith than what we can accomplish individually. So let’s do this!

We’d like to challenge your family to have 4 intentional conversations together. Just pick 4 meal times together to use the Talk About It questions we’ve provided below. You don’t have to go in order and if you missed a week at Kid’s Quest, that’s ok. Read the Bible Story together and then start talking!

Jan 5/6

  • Bible Story: Noah builds an Ark, Genesis 6:5-22
  • Bottom Line: Be the one who keeps doing what’s right.
  • Talk About It:  Is there anything in your life that you gave up on that you wish you had followed through with? What is something that you’d be willing to practice every single day?
  • Basic Truth: I need to make the wise choice.

Jan 12/13

  • Bible Story: Moses at the Burning Bush, Exodus 3:1-15; Exodus 4–11,14,16,19
  • Bottom Line: Be the one who does what God says because He’s AWE-some.
  • Talk About It: What is something that requires determination for you to finish? What sometimes keeps you from finishing what you start?
  • Basic Truth: I can trust God no matter what.

Jan 19/20

  • Bible Story: Stand by Naomi, Book of Ruth
  • Bottom Line: Be the one who sticks by someone in need.
  • Talk About It: What is something that has helped you keep going, even when you felt like giving up? Who do we know that needs us to stick by them? How can we help?
  • Basic Truth: I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Jan 26/27

  • Bible Story: True Grit, A Principle of Work, Colossians 3:23-24
  • Bottom Line: Be the one who works hard because God sees your heart.
  • Talk About It: What is something you can do to make a difference? How can our family encourage each other to finish what we start?
  • Basic Truth: I need to make the wise choice.

We’d like to hear if your family is up for this challenge! Email romney.short@mcleanbible.org to let us know so we can cheer you on to victory! Just pick 4 meal times for 4 conversations. If you complete the challenge, we’ll send your kids a special surprise!