Understanding Kid’s Quest Check-in, part 1

Hi all,


Sorry to be so long absent from my blog. This fall has proven to be a very busy one! My team recently inherited management of the check-in stations on Sunday mornings and the adjustment has been a rough ride. I thought this would be a good opportunity to give you a peak behind-the-scenes of check-in and help you understand why we made such a big change in how we welcome you to your child’s classes each weekend.



Let’s start with a glance back at where we used to be. Across the church every ministry was using File Maker Pro as our database to manage information and attendance. I won’t lie to you; I absolutely loved File Maker Pro. It was easy to understand, customize, and manipulate. The problem? Every ministry had their own separate database. So if you moved, you couldn’t just change your address with one ministry. You had to contact them all! Can you imagine how annoying this was to people who moved out of the area?



There were many valiant efforts to unite the databases into one. But the lag time when you did searches was unbearable. Sometimes I would set my search parameters, go to lunch, and find the database still crunching data when I returned! So our IT Department began a new search, a search to find software that would meet our church’s rapidly growing attendance as well as being diverse enough in its functions to meet the customized needs of so many different ministries.



So now we have a new people management program called Fellowship One which originated with Fellowship Church in Texas. Not only has this program united every ministry’s information, there are a number of other benefits that has revolutionized how we handle your information. Bottom line: it’s more accurate, more secure, and enables us to serve you better.



Stay tuned for more in Part 2!