It’s Still Christmas

Christmas may have already passed but it’s a holiday that long stays on the hearts and minds of Kid’s Quest families because February is the month that some very special Christmas gifts from us reach their final destinations. In November, a little over 100 MBC children, youth, and adults came together to assemble gift-filled shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse International Relief, that presents our gifts and the Gospel message to children living in desperate situations around the world, including children living in 23 closed countries.

Kid’s Quest families lovingly put together 434 gift boxes adding to the 9 million total boxes collected from churches all over the United States. That’s 9 million children that just recently heard for the first time the Good News that Jesus is the greatest gift of all. These boxes are very unique gifts. New children are selected each year to receive them so they are once-in-a-lifetime gifts.




We are excited to share that our boxes were recently delivered to children living in Zimbabwe, Mali, and Ukraine. Enjoy some stories from box recipients:

“Many children were shocked at first when they received their present and couldn’t believe it was theirs to keep…Most had never received a gift in their lives and had no real possessions of their own.” – OCC volunteer

“These boys live underground, in sewer pipes. The shoe box gifts were the first gifts they ever received!” – Ukraine volunteer

“Churches in our country have been united as the Body of Christ, more than ever before, by the demonstration of the love of God, through a simple shoebox.” –  Local Pastor in Zimbabwe

“Church denominations are being united through the OCC ministry everywhere in the country, working together as never before.” – Mali

“There were some people – men and women who came to me to bring me a gift. I was very surprised. My first thought was that it’s not for me, but they confirmed that it was mine. So, thank you everybody – I don’t know who you are and how you happen to know me that you’ve brought me a gift. I am very glad and I tell everyone – just believe – the miracles come true! I am sure about it. Then those people told me that God has concern for me and He will not leave me and my mom alone if we would come to Him in prayer.” – 9 year old girl in the Ukraine

“We wish to express our sincere gratitude for the kind gesture your ministry extended to us. The gifts you sent us were received in good order and have been of great help in ministry to our children. Through our Sunday school ministry we were able to distribute the gifts among the children in our congregation. Some of the children were very needy, especially for school stationery, which was part of the gifts. These items went a long way in satisfying the need for the older children, while we got wonderful toys for the younger ones. Every letter that was sent to us was read out loud and appreciated. It was also an opportunity for our Sunday school teachers to teach our children about giving, and the love of our God that has caused them to receive these gifts from other brethren. May God shower you with His love, joy and protection as you continue in His service. Your love goes round the globe.” – Local Pastor in Africa

A big thank you to all who participated in this Kid’s Quest missions project. We hope it was a rewarding experience for families and a special teaching moment for kids. Enjoy a video of our Assembly Day and continue to pray for the children who received our gifts!


Does your family believe in the impact of Operations Christmas Child, not only on the children receiving gift boxes but on your own as well as they participate in this project? We’re looking for resourceful families willing to take advantage of the free opportunities around them to start now in collecting small toys, tolietries, craft/school supplies, and kid’s clothing to fit inside shoeboxes for when this project returns again in the fall. We’ll tell you how to do it and it won’t cost a thing but the potential impact on your family is priceless! Contact Romney Short at to learn more.