Final KIDstuff Show of the Season!

It’s a bird…. it’s a plane…no, it’s THE PHENOMENAL FOUR!

1. The Human Towel: capable of using his invisibility, bullet-proof and ever-expanding towels to rescue and defend the helpless.

2. Mega-Planter: dedicated to planting the seeds that will grow into life-giving trees and plants for all.

3. Skateboard Kid: thwarting criminals and saving the downtrodden with his awesome tricks and stunt moves.

4. Sweet Justice: a super pastry chef who can make delicious chocolate fudge brownies without any calories or fat.

Together they are….THE  PHENOMENAL FOUR of KIDstuff!

That’s right, the Clubhouse Gang returns in the final KIDstuff show of the season on Sunday, June 1 at 12:30 pm in the Smith Center. Grab your family and friends and get ready for this crime-fighting band of heroes to teach us all about the virtue of Trust: putting your confidence in someone you can depend on. We’ll also enjoy rockin’ worship music, games, and fun surprises!


If your elementary kids would like to check their answers on the KIDstuff Crosswords they received in classes, go to