Elementary Summer Fun Days

This summer elementary kids will engage in a summer series by Empowering Living called “Living On The Edge.” The principles of Chip Ingram’s r12 series on Romans 12 are communicated to kids in a fun, relevant and life-changing way. Here is an overiew of the lessons:

Lesson 1: Loving God and Loving Others. Each child will learn the greatest commandment is to love God and love others. They will also hear how to have a personal relationship with God. Matthew 22:37-39
Lesson 2: I Surrender to God Daily. Through Abraham’s example, each child will learn to surrender to God’s plan for their life and to trust God daily. Romans 12:1
Lesson 3: Victory Over the World. Through Daniel’s example, each child will learn what it means to be changed into a person who really loves God and wants to serve Him daily. Romans 12:2
Lesson 4: I Learn to Be Humble. Each child will learn in a practical way what it means to be humble by looking at the life of Moses. They will learn to put others first. Romans 12:3
Lesson 5: Noticing the Needs of Others. Through the story of Jonathan and David, each child will understand the importance of friendship and serving others. Romans 12:10
Lesson 6: Giving Out Good When Things Get Bad. By learning about the life of Joseph, each child will understand the importance of showing forgiveness to others that have hurt them. Romans 12:21

This is a video-based teaching series with live worship and audience participation games. Check out the first video in the series at

Living on the Edge Elementary Series from Empowered Living on Vimeo.

As part of our summer programming, elementary kids will be divided into teams based on grade level:

  • Kindergarten/1st Grade: Courageous Captains
  • 2nd grade: Freedom Force
  • 3rd Grade: Thunder Agents
  • 4th Grade/5th Grade: Justice Defenders

Teams will be rewarded for their enthusiastic participation in Large Group, completion of summer take-homes, and coming dressed for these weekly Summer Fun Days:

  • July 5/6: Patriotic Day
  • July 12/13: Crazy Hat n’ Hair Day
  • July 19/20: Sports Day
  • July 26/27: Pajama Day
  • Aug 2/3: Beach Party Day
  • Aug 9/10: Camo Day
  • Aug 16/17: Pirate & Princess Day
  • Aug 23/24: Mismatch Day
  • Aug 30/31: Bible Hero Day