KIDstuff In Review

I remember how it felt the first time I jumped into the swimming pool. My Dad was there, arms outstretched, waiting patiently and verbally encouraging me to take that fateful plunge. I felt a rush of air as I ran and cold pins and needles as I hit that cold water. Pennsylvania summers really begged for a heated pool but I didn’t mind, bobbing up and down in the water in my Dad’s arms.

Finding the courage to jump wasn’t hard because of the trust I had for my Dad. He carried me on his shoulders for miles and miles because it was my favorite place to be, he kissed my scraped knee when I tipped my big wheel trike and he always let me use him as my patient with my junior doctor’s kit (his prescribed treatment was usually to share a cookie or ice cream with me, doctor’s orders!). I knew that in any situation I could depend on him to be there and take care of me. He had my trust. These were the thoughts that came to mind as I watched the June KIDstuff show, the last show of the season, which highlighted the virtue of Trust: putting your confidence in someone you can depend on.

The show opened with Mr. Adam finding himself, yet again, in a pickle. He had agreed to coach a summer basketball camp but all he knew about the game was that the ball was red…or was it orange? His co-host, Mr. Brian reminded him that he could trust God for help. Suddenly a young man named Chase passed by doing all sorts of fancy tricks with a basketball. Mr. Adam asked if he’d teach him basketball and Chase replied that he’d do better, he would help him coach the camp! When Mr. Adam trusted God, God came through!

The disciple Peter also shared a story of trust as he was called from his life as a fisherman to follow Jesus. He learned to trust Jesus by seeing all that Jesus did – he brought a little girl back to life, he called to Peter and Peter walked on water, and he came back to life and was raised to Heaven. When Peter put his trust in Jesus, his whole life changed.

The audience participated in a game called “Fix The Scene” where they had to pick out the things that didn’t belong in Bible stories about trusting God. For example, the disciples definitely weren’t wearing sunglasses when Jesus asked them to put their nets out for a huge catch of fish!

In the Clubhouse, the gang prepared for a team walk-a-thon. Not just any walk-a-thon…a super hero walk-a-thon where the prize was a stack of autographed Justice Hero comics. Each member came up with their own superhero persona: Gordo was “The Human Towel,” capable of using his invisibility, bullet-proof and ever-expanding towels to rescue and defend the helpless; Sam was “Mega-Planter,” dedicated to planting the seeds that will grow into life-giving trees and plants for all; Vinny was the “Skateboard Kid,” thwarting criminals and saving the downtrodden with his awesome tricks and stunt moves; and Cammie was “Sweet Justice,” a super pastry chef who can make delicious chocolate fudge brownies without any calories or fat. Together they made…THE  PHENOMENAL FOUR! It seemed like they had the team competition in the bag until they realized that Vinny wasn’t allowed to bring his skateboard. Vinny confided in Grandpa Henry that without his skateboard he would not only be a mediocre super hero, but he also wouldn’t be able to finish the walk-a-thon. Grandpa Henry told Vinny to put his trust in God to help him finish the walk-a-thon. With God’s help, Vinny persevered and made it to the finish line to help his team to victory!

It was a great closing show for our Clubhouse super heroes and the rest of the KIDstuff cast as they learned about putting their confidence in someone they can depend on. Just like my earthly father when he caught me during my first plunge into the swimming pool, we can trust our Heavenly Father because He cares for us.

— Caitlin