Gospel Presentation

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to start in helping your kids grasp the full significance of who Jesus is. That’s why Kid’s Quest offers Starting Zone to equip parents in guiding their children towards starting and growing in a personal relationship with Jesus and taking steps towards baptism, a public declaration of their faith.

Starting Zone is a progression of steps to give parents the confidence and tools to be the primary spiritual leader at home, first in guiding their child to make a personal decision to start a relationship with Jesus Christ and second, in guiding them to express their faith publicly through baptism when they are mature enough to understand and articulate what the act symbolizes. No matter where your child is spiritually, we’ll give you a starting point.

Step 1 is participation in our Gospel Presentation which is Sunday Sept. 28 at 9:10 am or 12:35 pm in Room 1208 (1st Floor). Elementary-aged children and their parents attend together for a 45-minute presentation of John 3:16 that is interactive, engaging, and fun for you and your child. Following the class parents will receive materials to lead spiritual discussions at home about starting a personal relationship with Jesus and understanding baptism.

We recommend that children be 7 years old & up but you can bring them whenever you feel they’re ready and you can repeat the Gospel Presentation as many times as you like to help solidify your child’s growing faith. This presentation is required for any child who wants to be baptized at MBC. It’s free but please register in advance so we can make sure we have enough materials for all participants. For more info or to register go to mbctysons.org/startingzone.