Do You Celebrate Halloween?

Recently I received an email from someone asking if we did a Halloween-alternative event and whether or not we endorsed the celebration of Halloween.  I thought this topic might be of interest to others so I decided to post my response for you.


Kid’s Quest doesn’t necessarily endorse or celebrate Halloween but we do celebrate family.  And fall is a time of year that many people traditionally think of their families and desire to do activities with them.  So you can be certain we’re likely to do something to bring families together each fall.


What we do, though, is dependent on our current priorities and available resources.  This past year our ministry’s priorities took a major shift in 2 significant ways.  First, MBC launched a new campus and this was the first campus to have a Kid’s Quest children’s program.  So our focus in the past year has been to help this campus get started and grow towards successful independent operation.  Naturally, this has impacted our time and resources so we decided to be very selective in which events we offered this year.


This leads to the second change in priorities.  Our ministry recognizes that parents are the primary faith trainers in their homes.  The amount of time parents spend with their children far surpasses the time we see them on weekends at church.  Therefore, we decided it best to concentrate on improving the teaching components of our weekend program and on better equipping families to reinforce what we’re teaching in their homes.


So this year we focused more on the take home materials of our weekend programming so families could take every day moments as opportunities to teach their children.  And we also worked on creating shared family experiences that tie directly into what we’re teaching.  We’ve offered KIDstuff, a family worship and drama experience, and we’ve offered Starting Zone, a progression of events that presents families with the gospel message and leads to baptism.


This fall, an opportunity for a new event that might be viewed as a Halloween alternative did arise.  We partnered with one of MBC’s City Impact ministries, Powershift 2024, a community of car-enthusiasts, to present a fall family event called Get Lost!  It included a country drive through West Virginia and ending at Temple Hall Farm in Leesburg to enjoy all the farm activities they offer.  We didn’t do any teaching at this event.  It was purely social to give families an opportunity to meet.


We do not know at this time what we’ll be doing next fall but are currently seeking God’s leading as we consider our 2009 calendar.  I am happy to share one major annoucement with you all – a little surprise for those of you who took the time to read this entire post!  We are planning on bringing back The Rock That Rolled Easter Party on Friday, April 3, 2009.  Mark your calendars now for this fun, Easter-themed event for your family and friends!  And if you’re interested in being on the Planning Committee, watch for our December bulletin blurbs advertising for this and who to contact to sign up.