Celebrate Advent

Growing up, my family had many Christmas traditions and one of the traditions I always looked forward to was the celebration of Advent.  In Latin, the word advent means “the coming” and refers to the period leading up to Christmas.  The celebration of Advent is a time of remembrance and reflection typically held on the 4 Sunday nights prior to Christmas and the final night being Christmas Eve.  Families gather together for scripture reading, prayer, and candle lighting.  A new candle is lit each week, each symbolic for hope, peace, joy, love, and finally, Christ.  This year, Advent begins on Sunday, November 30.  There are a wealth of resources available online that explain Advent more fully and can give you suggestions for making Advent a tradition in your own home.  You can also attend Family Matters on Sunday, December 7, at 9:00 am in Community Room B to see guest authors and illustrators Jack and Kathy Stockman present “The Advent Book.”  For more information about this Family Matters event, contact Mark and Kristen Whitaker at 703/770-2997 or familymatters@mcleanbible.org.

Also, during main services on Saturday, December 6, and Sunday, December 7, catch a glimpse of our KIDstuff Team as they participate in the worship time to introduce Advent to the congregation.  We hope you enjoy our KIDstuff team’s part in sharing this tradition with you.  If you like what you see, mark your 2009 calendars for future KIDstuff performances on February 1, March 1, May 3, and June 7 at 12:30 pm in the Smith Center.  Invite your friends, too!  If you’ve never seen KIDstuff before, click here to view video clips.  For more information about KIDstuff or to volunteer for an upcoming performance, contact Abigail Gustine, KIDstuff Team Leader, at 703/639-2000 x 3150 or kidstuff@mcleanbible.org.

Turkey Outreach 2008

Our October Kid’s Quest missions project was to partner with all MBC ministries to support Turkey Outreach, providing full Thanksgiving dinners to people in need in Washington D.C.  Thank you to all of you who have supported this project with your prayers, financially, or by helping with assembly day on November 22.  Kid’s Quest raised $755.46 which contributed to feeding over 7500 families!

We encourage you to share this news with your children and use it as an oportunity to remind them of our current virtures that we’re teaching in elementary classes:

  • November is Gratitude: Letting others know you see how they’ve helped you.  This is about remembering to thank God for how He has blessed you and thanking others for things they have done for you or given to you.
  • Demember is Generosity: Making someone’s day by giving something away.  This is about thanking God for our resources and sharing what we have with others.

Hot News

SUNDAY NURSERY ROTATION ALERT — It has been reported that the most recent publication of the Sunday morning Nursery Rotation did not reach every home.  If you normally serve on the rotation and have not received your copy dated for November 16 through January 4, please contact Cynthia Kilbourne immediately at 703/639-2000, x1022 .  We ask for your grace in serving with such short notice.  Thank you for being flexible.

CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES — Click here for preliminary information on Kid’s Quest during Christmas Eve services on December 24.

NOW PLAYING — Missed KIDstuff?  Check out a few clips on our new You Tube site!  www.youtube.com/mbckidsquest.

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Give Thanks To The Lord

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”
1 Chronicles 16:34 (NIV)


This weekend, November 22/23, children will be reminded that God wants us to take time to express gratitude for the blessings in our lives.


In Preschool clases and 2nd-5th Grade classes, we are sending children home with a decorated Thanksgiving Prayer Box.  As your family thinks of things you are grateful for in the days leading up to Thanksgiving Day, write them down on a piece of paper and place it into this box.  If you have younger children, encourage them to draw pictures of what they are thankful for.  On Thanksgiving Day, open the box and share your blessings together to celebrate what God has done.


On behalf of the entire Kid’s Quest Team, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Operations Christmas Child 2008

Our August – September 2008 missions project supported Operations Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse, that presents children in need in all areas of the world with gift-filled shoeboxes and the Gospel message.  Box assembly day was held in early October and families put together 386 boxes!  Over the 2 months we also collected $1626.69 in offering from both the Tysons and Loudoun Campus Kid’s Quest which was used to purchase additional supplies for the boxes and postage to ship the boxes to their destination.


Some of you may have wondered why we moved this missions project up earlier in our calendar than when we normally have done it in the past.  So if you’ve been wondering, I’ve got an answer for you!


Since MBC’s ministries all communicate to the same congregation of people, this year we have been making an intentional effort to streamline missions projects so we are working together more and not creating unnecessary confusion with conflicting messages.


Turkey Outreach and Christmas Outreach (formerly known as Angel Tree) are two MBC-wide missions projects that had set dates for when an offering collection could contribute to the project.  Since the turkey dinners are purchased and distributed in mid-November we could not wait till the end of November to give our children’s contribution.  This meant we had to do our collection in October.  Likewise with Christmas Outreach, since the gifts are purchased and distributed in December, we had to do our part in November.  And since December is too late to be collecting for Operations Christmas Child, that left August and September.


Thank you to all the families that supported this project with their prayers, their offering gifts, their donations, and their time to assembly the boxes.  We encourage your family to be praying for the children who will receive these boxes this Christmas season.