Final KIDstuff Show of the Season!

It’s a bird…. it’s a plane…no, it’s THE PHENOMENAL FOUR!

1. The Human Towel: capable of using his invisibility, bullet-proof and ever-expanding towels to rescue and defend the helpless.

2. Mega-Planter: dedicated to planting the seeds that will grow into life-giving trees and plants for all.

3. Skateboard Kid: thwarting criminals and saving the downtrodden with his awesome tricks and stunt moves.

4. Sweet Justice: a super pastry chef who can make delicious chocolate fudge brownies without any calories or fat.

Together they are….THE  PHENOMENAL FOUR of KIDstuff!

That’s right, the Clubhouse Gang returns in the final KIDstuff show of the season on Sunday, June 1 at 12:30 pm in the Smith Center. Grab your family and friends and get ready for this crime-fighting band of heroes to teach us all about the virtue of Trust: putting your confidence in someone you can depend on. We’ll also enjoy rockin’ worship music, games, and fun surprises!


If your elementary kids would like to check their answers on the KIDstuff Crosswords they received in classes, go to

Gospel Presentation

Have you ever asked yourself these questions…

  • How do I start a spiritual conversation with my child?
  • How do I start teaching my child about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?
  • How do I start guiding my child to grow in his or her faith?
  • How do I start explaining baptism to my child?

Starting Zone is a progression of steps to give parents the confidence and tools to be the primary spiritual leader at home, first in guiding their child to make a personal decision to start a relationship with Jesus Christ and second, in guiding them to express their faith publicly through baptism when they are mature enough to understand and articulate what the act symbolizes. No matter where your child is spiritually, we’ll give you a starting point.

We typically start new rounds of Starting Zone every spring and fall but by request, we’ve added a summer Gospel Presentation Class on Saturday, June 14 at 5:15 pm in Room 1208. Elementary-aged children and their parents attend together to participate in a 45-minute presentation of John 3:16 that is interactive, engaging, and fun for you and your child. Following the class parents will receive materials to lead spiritual discussions at home about starting a personal relationship with Jesus and getting baptized.

We recommend that children be 7 years old & up but you can bring your children whenever you feel they’re ready and you can repeat the class as many times as you like to help solidify your child’s growing faith. This class is required for any child who wants to be baptized at MBC. Classes are free but please register in advance so we can make sure we have enough materials for all participants. For more info or to register go to



KIDstuff in Review

A 4-year-old was standing in front of me. The brown dirt caked all over the knees of her jeans was also smudged across her forehead where she’d wiped it. But all I could see was the tangled mass of roots and soil where a clump of my prized pansies sat as she held them out to me in her little hands. “For you, Auntie,” she said, eyes alight. 

At that moment, I confess that I didn’t feel loved – just annoyed. I’d planted those pansies with care, watered them till they took root, coordinated the colors precisely against the backdrop of the rest of my landscape. But then I remembered another little girl somewhere in the past. The one who saw her mother painting a bedroom one day and decided to “help.” That was me. My mother didn’t roll her eyes or tell me how very bad I had behaved. She just let it go and helped me get my mess cleaned up. So standing there with my beloved pansies, and my even more beloved niece, I had a choice about forgiveness to make. 

At KIDstuff on Sunday, March 16, Kid’s Quest families learned what it means to choose forgiveness as they explored Kid’s Quest’s monthly virtue on Forgiveness: choosing to let go of the wrong someone has done to you. As the show opened, our host, Mr. Brian, was immediately faced with the choice to forgive as his co-host, Mr. Adam, had blamed him for wrecking his bike… when it was actually the result of Mr. Adam’s own off-roading adventure right into his neighbor’s row of bushes.

Then our KIDstuff families watched a commercial for the “Forgive Me!” Ultimate 4-Disc Collection, featuring a parody of ABBA’s hit, “Take A Chance On Me” which reminded them to take a chance to offer others forgiveness, even over and over again. Watch it here. 

Choosing to forgive can be a difficult choice because the problem is often deciding why we should forgive someone. The Clubhouse Gang wrestled with this when Vinny got the date wrong for the SmushFace concert he was supposed to go to with Cammie. And again when Gordo mistakenly dropped Sam’s Global Nuclear Thermal Genomics (say that 5 times fast) research into a bowl of his newly-invented chewing gum dissolvent. But with God’s help, and a plate of Mrs. F’s famous chocolate chip cookies, the Clubhouse friends made amends when they remembered Colossians 3:13, “Forgive the things you are holding against one another. Forgive, just as the Lord forgave you.”

In a Biblical illustration, private eye, Sam Shovel, interrogated the Unmerciful Servant from Matthew 18:21-35. Even though the King had forgiven him of a huge debt, the Unmerciful Servant couldn’t forgive a fellow servant who owed him only a fraction of the amount of money he’d been pardoned. He was, guilty of un-forgiveness in the first degree!

So whether it’s a 4-year-old who uprooted your favorite flowers as a gesture of love, a classmate who teases you because of your glasses, a friend who shares a secret you asked them to keep, or a family member who forgot your birthday (again!), when we remember that God has forgiven us, we can choose to forgive others – just like my mom did for me after my first foray as Claude Monet. So I can smile at my niece, eyes bright as she waits for me to answer, and think, “Thank you, God, for forgiving me so I can forgive others.”

The last KIDstuff show of the season is Sunday, May 4, at 12:30 pm in the Smith Center. To learn more about KIDstuff go to 

KIDstuff: A Lesson In Faith

If someone asked you, “what does Faith mean?” what would you tell them? It can be hard to describe, can’t it? Faith, although an essential component of the Christian life, isn’t something you can necessarily quantify, measure, or see… but what causes faith can be seen.

At the Feb. 9 KIDstuff show, our elementary families learned that faith is believing in what you can’t see because of what you can see. The Clubhouse gang traveled to Kamp KYEOH (an acronym for “Keep Your Eyes On Him”) where Marshall learned that even when he was scared, he could have faith God was with him because of what he could see – his friends’ support for him, what was written about Jesus in the Bible, and even God’s amazing creation of the outdoors!

Our hosts Mr. Brian and Mr. Adam had something to teach us about faith, too. Mr. Adam went a little too far (as usual) when he sold all the show’s props for donuts so they could practice having faith in what actually wasn’t there anymore. Mr. Brian had to remind him that having faith in what you can’t see doesn’t mean blindly using our imagination.

We joined a live newscast from the Sea of Galilee where the disciple Peter explained that Jesus enabled Him to walk on water… until he took his eyes off Jesus and began to sink. Even though he had seen the miracles Jesus did firsthand, Peter still doubted and lost faith. But Jesus was faithful to reach into the water and save Peter anyway. We learned that because of what Peter saw Jesus do, he could have faith in Him, even when his circumstances seemed impossible.

We even had a visit from our resident Scottish Rappers, Shamus McFamus and M.C. Haggis, who received a Valentine’s Day message from Cupid. See their Faith Rap on our YouTube channel.

We’re excited to rejoin our KIDstuff cast again on Sunday, March 16,  at 12:30 pm in the Smith Center to learn about our next virtue, Forgiveness. Visit for more on KIDstuff.