Is God Calling You?

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This is a continuation of a previous post about a job opportunity in Kid’s Quest. If you haven’t read it, click here to catch up.

Is God calling you to a position in Kid’s Quest? We’ve got several part-time positions open that might be a fit for you. You can read the official job ads here on the MBC Employment site but I’d like to take the opportunity to say a few informal words to you today about our many Small Group Coordinator positions that are now open.

Have you ever been in a really good small group? The kind where you were challenged to dig into God’s Word and there was lively discussion about how to apply God’s truth to your lives? The kind where you felt you could share anything because you were surrounded by others who accepted and cared for you? The kind that you can’t wait to get to and don’t want to go home from? 

Now imagine kids having a similar experience…how would such an experience deepen their faith? We believe that kids, just like adults, need a place of fellowship and prayer and that no large group production can match the power or influence of a Christ-centered, Biblically-based small group. If you believe the same, then perhaps God is calling you to put that belief into action as a Small Group Coordinator for one of our age groups.

One of the main roles of a Small Group Coordinator is to connect with people. You get to know a team of volunteer leaders personally and provide them with guidance in how to be friends and mentors to kids. If you’re a parent, you’ve likely already had practical experience playing this role with your own kids! Or maybe you’ve had some experience with this serving at a summer camp or VBS in the past.

Then you match the leaders to a select group of kids in the hopes that they develop meaningful relationships with each other so that the stage is set for learning. Sometimes this will require some shuffling to find the right dynamic for each group but that’s ok. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys helping people connect and interact with each other, then this may be the job for you! 

Next you provide your leaders with the resources they need to teach kids Godly virtues. You don’t need to be a Bible scholar nor do you need to know how to write your own curriculum. All the teaching materials are provided for you and you’ll have an opportunity to discuss activities with other Small Group Coordinators.

The Small Group Coordinator position fits a person in almost any season of life, including parents. By the way, anyone can apply to our open positions regardless of age, gender, or season of life. As long as you can commit to either the Saturday or Sunday service times the position specifies, the schedule is flexible enough for college students, full and part time professionals, and homemakers alike. If you’re a parent, you can earn a little extra to support your family and be more intimately involved with what your kids are learning at church. We have a number of moms and dads on staff. We have college students and singles, too, on staff. If you’ve ever wondered if God is calling you into full-time ministry, this could be a good place to start. You can gain ministry experience without taking the risk of quitting school or leaving your other job.

Still not sure?

One thing I’ve learned about small groups…many people like being in one but most people don’t want to lead them. Why is that? Could it be, in part, due to fear? I know self-doubt often plagues me when God calls me to serve Him in a new way. So I’m wondering, have you not applied because the title “Small Group Coordinator” scares you?

Psst! Want to know a secret? Great small groups don’t start with great leaders. Great small groups begin with great faith in a great God. We teach kids in Kid’s Quest that we have a really big God they can trust no matter what happens and that God is big enough to handle anything. ANYTHING. Do you truly believe the same? Please don’t let the title scare you. If you feel God’s tug on your heart to apply for one of our Small Group Coordinator positions, then I encourage you to believe He’s big enough to handle it.

If you’d like to be considered for a Small Group Coordinator position, send a resume by email to Don’t stress about the state of your resume. We’re not looking for a graduate level thesis. It is a part of our official HR process at MBC so we do need one but it’s ok if there are gaps between when you last worked or you don’t have a lot of professional experience. You can add volunteer experience, too.

Home Resources

The Kid’s Quest store will be open before and after KIDstuff this Sunday, October 3, in the Smith Center lobby starting at noon. Check out these great resources to spark spiritual conversations with your kids at home and help your family Think Orange:

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Bring home the worship music your kids sing in Kid’s Quest and KIDstuff. We’ll be launching sales of a new kid’s worship CD, Jump!, from our curriculum company. You’ll hear the song “Rise & Sing” at the October 3 KIDstuff show. You can hear song clips at (in the Music menu box, click All, then scroll down in the box on the right till you see “Jump” listed).

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CUE Box is a monthly resource that gives parents intentional “cues” to use certain times of the day to further their children’s spiritual growth. The box is filled with Bible stories, discussion starters, activities, videos, collectible cards, and more. The October CUE Box will be about the virtue Initiative: seeing what needs to be done and doing it. Full details, pictures of the contents, and an overview video at

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Kid’s Quest & KIDstuff t-shirts are available in youth and adult sizes. We also have an infant-size Kid’s Quest onesie. Wearing these in your schools and neighborhoods can lead to opportunities to talk to friends and neighbors about Jesus or to invite them to church.

Kid’s Quest items are also available in The Bookstore and now in the MBC Cafe, too!

Why Are Small Groups Important?

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“Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another-and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”  Hebrews 10:25 (NIV)

Why do you have small groups for children?

We believe that kids need another voice saying the same thing as their parents.  We also believe that kids need someone in their lives who believe what they believe.  The friends kids spend time with will influence the decisions they make in life.  This “someone” may start out as just their Kid’s Quest leader but as kids grow, this need to connect with friends has even greater significance.  Kids, just like adults, need an Acts 2 church, a place of fellowship and prayer.  They need a place for open and honest dialogue so that they may be encouraged in their faith.  No production can match the power or influence of a Christ-centered, Biblically-based community in which God intends to grow a child’s faith stronger and stronger.  Outside the influence of family, we feel there is very little that can match the impact of a leader’s consistent prayers and presence, particularly in a small group setting. 

Why is it important to come to the same service consistently?

Kids who consistently attend the same service time every weekend are placed in a permanent small group, meaning they meet with the same Kid’s Quest leaders and same group of peers each week.  We strongly encourage families to commit to a consistent service time so their kids can build significant and trusting relationships with their leaders and peers.  While this is still possible in a less consistent group, relationships have the best chance of deepening with more regular time spent together.

What is On Deck?

On Deck is a term we use in our Elementary classes for kids who are unable to commit to a consistent service time or are visiting.  An On Deck small group is formed for the day-of only.  On Deck groups still consist of a purposeful community of kids and the On Deck leaders teach from the same curriculum and are committed to sharing and modeling Christ’s love.  The only difference between a permanent small group and an On Deck small group is that the On Deck group of kids will vary from week to week and your child may or may not recognize their peers.

How can I move from On Deck to a permanent Small Group?

Should your schedule change and your family is able to consistently attend a service time, contact our Elementary Small Group Team Leader, Katharine McKenny, at 703-639-2000, x1052 or to discuss assigning your child to a permanent small group if and when space allows.  Please be aware that this could take up to 6-8 weeks if a new permanent small group needs to be formed.

How can I become a Small Group Leader or sub for my child’s Small Group Leader?

If you are interested in becoming a Small Group Leader or a sub, contact our Volunteer Services Manager, Alessandra Prosper at 703-770-2902 or or click here to go to our volunteer opportunities webpage.


Job Seeker 283x424

Is God calling you to a position in Kid’s Quest? We have several part-time positions open that might be a fit for you. You can read the official job ads here on the MBC Employment site but I’d like to take the opportunity to say a few informal words to you about one of our positions.

Before I start, though, let me first add that anyone can apply to our open positions regardless of age, gender, or season of life. However, since the majority of our reader base for this blog is parents, I’d just like to dream out loud and point out a job opportunity our moms may not have considered. 

Today I’d like to talk to you about our Resource Coordinator position. This could be a great position for a home-based mom who loves to organize tangible objects – and what mom hasn’t had some experience organizing and re-organizing the growing pile of kids’ stuff in their homes?

Your job would be to hang out with a fun group of women, mostly moms, too, as you fill containers with classroom supplies.  That’s right, I said hang out because it doesn’t feel like a job – it’s more like spending time with your women’s small group. And if you know other moms, we would hope you’d invite them, too, to join the group. 

Some of the moms bring their little ones with them which works out fine because we meet in Volunteer Central which is inside the nursery area. So kids can watch a movie, take a nap, or play with toys while everyone’s helping out.

The schedule is very convenient for a mom with school-age kids because you can get everything done and still be home in time for when your kids get out of school. The balance of hours is typically spent doing occasional shopping trips to pick up supplies – which you can usually fit into your normal time for your own errands.

I see a lot of moms volunteer their time to do similar work as this for their kid’s teachers at school. Why not do the same for your church? And you get paid for it!

If you’d like to be considered for this position, send a resume by email to And if you are a homemaker, there may be a good chance you haven’t updated your resume in awhile. That’s ok! It is a part of our official HR process at MBC so we do need one but please don’t stress about the gaps between when you last worked. You can add volunteer experience, too.

Promotion Weekend

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Promotion Weekend is Here!

Little Adventurers who are or will be 3 years old by Sept 30, 2010 through completed 4th graders move up to new classes THIS WEEKEND, July 10/11.

You’ll be seeing some NEW ITEMS at check-in stations:

New Family Enrollment Forms: If MBC is your church home and you have not previously enrolled, go to and click on the link for the online enrollment or pick up the new Family Enrollment Form at check-in.

Not sure if you’re enrolled? If you are already enrolled you should have a permanent plastic key tag with your emergency LED number on it. The LED number is how we notify you during services of an emergency involving your child – memorize it! If you just need to update your family’s current info, pick up a Family Update Card at check-in or go to to download and print one to return to a Greeter at check-in.

New Visitor Cards: These are for families who have attended 1-3 times and not decided on whether or not they want to make MBC their home church yet. Visitors must complete a Visitor Card every visit and receive a yellow, paper LED card to use as their emergency contact number for the day of their visit only.

New class location maps: Your child may be moving to a new floor. The most significant change is Saturday Little Adventurers has moved from Room 1104 on the first floor to Room 2302 on the 2nd floor.

New materials for children with allergies: If you have a child with allergies, pick up our new Detailed Allergy Form to complete which will help us in keeping your child safe. If your child carries an epi-pen, complete the Epi-pen Administration Form and place the epi-pen in the new plastic bags provided at check-in. You will be completing 2 Epi-Pen Administration Forms. One is the backside of the Detailed Allergy Form which goes to our offices to stay on file. The other is a half sheet to place in the plastic bag. Hand this bag to the leader in your child’s class. Epi-pen bags will be placed in a pocket attached to the classroom wall. Be sure to take your epi-pen home when you leave. Complete details on our updated allergy procedures are at or click here to download and print a copy.

Got questions? Julie Daniel at 703-770-2989 or